Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Obviously by this time you realize that I haven't been playing that much PW. That is not because I don't love the game anymore, but rather with my job I have not found the time to do so.

Which brings me to this topic.

I think its time we moved on. So, any future posts about PW, I will no longer post here, rather I will have it in Kalaro Mo. My new gaming blog.

Thanks for reading!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Coffee Anyone?

These little gems are part of the collaboration between Nescafe Philippines and Level Up Philippines to have in-game items that allow you to make Nescafe 3-in-1 coffee within Pangu. I've been wondering what happened to the IRL component of the promo that I heard about so long ago, and well, lo and behold there I was walking along at Shopwise Pasong Tamo when I saw these beauties in the shelves.

Here is a great example of including in-game advertising or advergaming as it is called in your marketing campaign. I was pretty excited about it and took some pictures.

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Why does there have to be a territory wipe? Is it to give a chance to the other clans or is it to simply just re-spice the game because there is already a stagnation of sorts? Maybe it's just me, but it took a long time for the clans to get to where they are, and short of disbanding the large clans, the inevitability of the same conclusion eventually becoming the norm again after a few months, well, that depends on the ruling clan if they want to do what they did all over again. So, does the wipe do anything good? The Soulless after all this time come back and simply re-take everything from the warriors of Pangu? I hope it's nothing as simple as that, can't be something as simple as that. It would really be a case of being unfair to be fair. Or better yet, being cruel to some to be kind to others.

So the question is: What would be the solution? Though moot and academic because the solution is already to be done is to make owning just one territory very difficult. Like, for example, when a territory is defended via a bid block, it simply falls into the bidder's hand by default when a bid wins and no one defends it. Kind of like a time bomb effect. Winning a bid buys the territory and the defender, the past owners have to defend it, even without really defending it by still destroying the enemy fort. Not doing so forfeits the terrain. It may seem unfair, but isn't "ownership of territory" wipe just the same?

I helped take a few territories in my time, and I think it's unfair that all we did long ago has come to this. Lost! Why? Because the Soulless simply were able to take it back with us not being able to defend it. Lame dude! Really lame!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


You have bought anything from the Item Mall.
You have bought everything in the Item Mall.
You have memorized the costs of teleporting from any town to a city to Archosaur.
You keep looking for a scantily clad Pops Fernandez look-alike so you can just teleport to where you're going IRL.
You know that Dragon City is Archosaur.
You know that Evil City is Beast City.
You can sense where Wei Xiaobao is.
You are in love with Hou Ren Xi.
You don't need Waypoints to find anything in the map.
You see going to work as Work Mode.
You don't work.
You see going to school as "Visiting the Education Master"
You don't go to school.
You can Transmit instead of Town Portal.
You like things that glow yellow.
You can interpret lines of squares as though it was a language.
You have learned to speak and read Chinese.
You see stray cats and think "Four Blunt Claws."
You know the street price of every DSQ in the market.
You know the street price of everything else that is not for DSQ.
You know what a DSQ is.
You know what HR, HOF, DV, SG, EPD, 7SK, and TW mean.
You can calculate the exchange rate of Gold to Yuan in your head but need a calculator to get 7 x 8 (It's 56).
You ask girls to snuggle in public so you can "Increase your vitality."
You don't mind doing Intimacy even though you know its a guy who is behind that hot YuLing with the tight...
You think buying pots is normal.
You put stones in your pockets and shoes in the hope that it would make them glow.
You believe Manta Rays can fly.
You have destroyed your garden looking for Nectar and Emenagogue Herbs.
You have named your Yao Jing after your girlfriend.
You spend more money on your Yao Jing than your girlfriend.
Your Yao Jing now has your newest ex-girlfriend's name because you played with your Yao Jing more than her.
You keep the Yao Jing instead of your "uglier" ex-girlfriend.
You are jealous of your Yao Jing's rock hard Golem.
You cry whenever you see your Yao Jing dead.
You always blame the Golem.
You ask your officemates to form a Random Party to kill the Boss for his Mold.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Sorry if I left Perfect World Expedition hanging for a while. Real life got in the way! You know how it works. Anyway, here I am again, back for more.

As many of you know by now, the newest patch for our beloved Pangu has come out. Dusk Temple is now open and with it a literal plethora of mobs, bosses and treasure. My first foray into the new area was a real blast, because I got blasted to bits a few times by the traps within Dusk Temple. Luckily I was with my friends, one of which was a Yu Ling.

To put things in perspective, most of my game friends are now above level 90 while I am still at 69 at the time of this writing. My stop has taken its toll, but as they say, more often than not, its a lot like just coming back home again when you handle that mouse and that keyboard again. It just fits and eventually you find your way again.

Thing was I found my way all right! All the way to asking for resurrection three times in a row. Thing was, me and my buds were actually laughing about it rather than being pissed about it, as the trap got me in the dumbest way possible.

I actually said, "What does this do?" and as one of my buds desperately tried to type in the message, the trap got me just as the words "Kuya huwag! Trap yan!" appeared in the chat box. XD Ambubu!

We were laughing so much afterwards I guess. After I was alive again, here's the clincher, I didn't move as I was still chatting right after I clicked revive, and just as the words "Ang lakas naman nun! One hit lang dedz na aku! Lolz!" appeared, BOOM! I was dead again! =D

It was a good two minutes before I could move again, because I couldn't stop laughing. I'm actually smiling right now remembering what happened. And this now, in hindsight, I realize is where the fun of party adventuring always lies. In recollection, in relating the story to others, in the brotherhood and company and time shared. This is what MMORPGs are sooo addictive for. It's not the gaming itself, but the extent of human contact that the game can simulate through the internet. And as far as the chat options of Perfect World go, now that I have really compared them to other chat systems, I prefer this one, be it because of familiarity, or because of the amount of conversations I've had on it.

Anyway, its nice to be back and bitter sweet too. Nice because the community of gamers is still vibrant and active. Sad because friends of mine have gone missing. In the short amount of time that I have been online trying out the new dungeons, I have seen so few of the old gang and there is no way to contact them anymore it seems.

These are my regrets, why didn't I spend more time trying to improve the friendships I had when I was online more often. Then maybe I would have been able to call together the gang and once again have a go at it. So learn from my mistake next time you party up with your usual suspects, get their numbers, you don't even need to get their real names, just so in case real life also gets in your way, you can keep in touch.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Obviously, by this time it is apparent that I haven't had the luxury to post on this blog. Soon though I will be able to post regularly again. It's not because I don't want to, but, my internet connection got lost and I focused on playing instead of posting. But after a while, when my money ran out for playing at the internet shops, I was left with nothing.

Hasn't been fun, but that is the truth. I can't wait till I get to play again very soon, as I recently got a new job. Now, let me put this straight. The blog came before the job, and the job didn't come because of the blog. Now that's out of the way, hope to be able to update soon.

As with all expeditions, this one will soon be funded again. And the journey will resume. See you soon in Pangu.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Though I knew about Player Kill or PK activities in Online Games, having seen it in its first inceptions in Diablo Battlenet, I have never seen it in MMORPGs as this is my first one.

As with all forms of violence, I was introduced to it in a most unexpected way, when I least expected it.

It was due to an incident where Malystryx was backstabbed during one of our forays. We were battling a flight of dragons in the skies around Fishing Village when from out of the blue, this coward struck from a distance. The damage Malystryx had sustained from the dragons made her easy to kill at that time. By the time I turned around, the coward had teleported out. We were left seething. I complained in the clan boards of the event. True enough, someone calmly replied "If you don't like player killers, you're playing the wrong game."

A major part of the game is the versus combat; from the one-on-one to the massive clan vs clan territorial wars. It is so integral that there are items that clearly are designed for PK, or to prevent being a victim of PK. There is even a switch to set your character either as willing for PK or not.

Since that event, I made it a point to always be in Safe Mode. No point in getting bothered by watching my back while trying to finish the quests which is why I was playing this game in the first place. Sad to say, we never got our revenge on the cowardly backstabber, but we don't see him around that much anymore. I guess he made the mistake of pissing off too many people. Having a few individuals hunting you down is OK in a world as big as Pangu, but when Clans put a vendetta on you, it is time to move on.

But instead of letting that incident change the way I saw the game, it further strengthened my resolve to not PK and not Duel. All players have the choice to PK or not to PK, thus the Safe Mode switch. I'm glad to see most of the higher levels have foregone PK. But when needed they dive in to defend their lesser Clan Mates when they are attacked. Which is the way it should be. With all MMORPGs, the people have to learn to police themselves.
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